About Body Active Training

I have been passionate about sport and fitness from early school age, always getting involved with schools team playing volleyball and table tennis. During high school my passion moved  into competitive mountain biking and road racing, which became a big part of my lifestyle.

My journey with gym and weights training started in 2006 when I moved to Edinburgh. Initially I was quite skeptical about free weights training and lifting for women as a long term fat loss goal but more I learned about it more I was into it. I enjoyed spending time working out with different routines and training systems, followed by different goals, which gave me solid experience.

Then I  started training more with many of my friends, who made me realize that I want to pursue carer as a personal trainer, to be able to help others in becoming healthier and confident in own bodies. I have gained Level 2 Gym Instructor and then Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications in 2012-13. To expand my skills further I have completed a few CPD courses. I have a massive interest in strength & conditioning, specificly training for body type, body composition and also diet/nutrition important aspect of training. I am also a gym instructor teaching variety of classes, like indoor spinning, body pump, and fat burn etc.

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I remember my first steps in the gym, feeling unsure, lost and confused around all this machines. Being out of your comfort zone feels overwhelming and sometimes scary but remember its your first step towards change. You need to challenge yourself.

So if you feel the same way now or perhaps you have some previous experience with training and looking for a new plan, maybe struggling to get back into routine and need motivation? let me help you to get on right track and find the best way to stay on it. First steps always seems to be hard but we all started this way. Important to never give up on your goals and keep challenging yourself.

I would like to know more about you and hear your story. Lets talk about your fitness goals and experience, whats your next challenge?  I am here to help you, to keep you motivated and challenge your fitness to become the best you have ever been.


Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 2 Gym Instructer


Strength & conditioning




TRX and Core workout

Indoor Spinning

Les Mills GRIT instructor

Pure Loser coach